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OTTP-Los Angeles
19401 South Vermont Ave.,
Suite A-200
Torrance, CA 90502

5807 South Avalon Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90011

OTTP-San Francisco
425 Divisadero Street,
Suite # 301
San Francisco, CA 94117




Torrance Health & Wellness Center: Partnered with South Bay Family Health Care, OTTP offers primary care
medical services to our clients. We are excited to offer comprehensive health services for the mind and body!
Above is a picture from the health fair of a youth learning about healthy habits and oral care.

OTTP Mural Project: Youth participants of OTTP worked in collaboration with volunteer artist Nichole Blackburn to design
a mural at the OTTP Youth Center. Nichole has her own non-profit, "Big Sky Countries" which is dedicated to donating
murals to children’s organizations all over the world. She donated all of the paints, materials and her time to assist
in our group "Creating Our Space,"  where kids were encouraged to create their own safe place. They developed the
ideas for the mural, learned art techniques, as well as improved their social skills.

LIFE Program: LIFE is an approved CDE (Community Defined Evidence) early intervention model within Los Angeles
County's public mental health system.  LIFE offers youth and their parents the opportunity to develop skills to improve family
relationships. Classes assist parents in their ability to manage unwanted behaviors and create a positive home
environment and are designed to help youth & families succeed in home, in school, and in life. Specific outcomes include
improved school performance, reduced number of arguments at home between parent and child, increased satisfaction with
quality of family relationships and improved interpersonal skills.

OTTP Art Gallery:
Art can play a major role in children's academic and social development. OTTP has created the OTTP Art
Gallery to showcase some of our participants' imagination and creative abilities. This on-site gallery, located in our Youth
Center, is a revolving exhibition of participant artwork including paintings, drawings, photography, poetry and short stories.
All of the art will be accepted on an ongoing basis for our gallery. Above are some of the featured pieces.   

Department Of Labor (DOL) Grant: The DOL/Young Parent Demonstration (YPD) provides occupational therapy services,
including life skills and educational training, to young parents: mothers, fathers and expectant mothers, ages 16 -24.
This program offers young parents both employment and training opportunities that lead to jobs and the skills needed
to provide a better future for themselves and their families. Additionally, participants may have access to other
resources, such as mentoring and supportive services, which include child care, transportation, health care and
parenting education classes.
* View the DOL News Release here.

“On a Good Note” Music Group:
A creative outlet for youth to explore interests in music, develop functional skills for work
settings, and learn about the music industry from an experienced, professional music producer. Youth have an
opportunity to create, record, and produce music during the 16 week program. They complete two full songs with music
and lyrics, a biography, a CD design and a photo shoot. Youth learn to use computer software for creating music and 
are provided valuable information about the music industry based on the facilitator’s professional experience. 

OTTP Garden: For low income, minority youth growing up in urban Los Angeles, the exposure to occupations based within
nature is extremely limited.  In an effort to increase at-risk youths’ connection with nature, one occupational therapy
practitioner pursued the donation of a plot of land where the youth now have the opportunity to engage in meaningful
occupations associated with nature. This plot of land serves as a safe haven within which these youth can experience a
nurturing, full-sensory activity. In their city neighborhoods, the youth face many challenges, such as poverty, crime and
violence, family disruption, and the resultant emotional and behavioral problems. The garden represents a joyful place
where the youth can visit, and for a time, let go of their personal challenges.  The garden serves as an opportunity to
promote responsibility by taking care of the plants that are grown here. This garden also represents opportunities for
community activism through the increased awareness of the cycles of nature and empowers the youth to make changes
to thrive in their own communities.  In addition to an education on planting and harvesting, they learn about composting
and nutrition, and the importance of organic gardening versus using pesticides. The clients are also invited to participate
in outings, such as to farmers markets and local ecosystem observatories.