Parents & Caregivers

If your child experiences any of the following problems, or others,

Occupational Therapy Training Program
may be able to help.

For more information, or to make an appointment, please call (310) 323-6887

Does your child experience any of the following?

School Problems - Failing grades, doesn't complete classwork, lacks interest in school, frequently tardy or absent, reading below grade level, defies rules, attention problems, refuses to go to school.

Behavior Problems - Impulsive/hyperactive, loner, depressed, worries too much, disrupts others, aggressive, defiant, doesn't complete chores or homework, cheats or steals, doesn't take responsibility for own actions, daydreams too much, inappropriate behavior. 

Medical/Physical - Sleeps in class, poor personal hygiene, eats too much or too little, overweight, medical problems, dental problems with hearing or vision, speech problems, wets or soils self. 

Home Environment - Experienced death/loss of significant person, living in foster care, fighting with siblings, too many people in the home, birth of new baby, separation/divorce, needs consistent discipline and parenting support.