Vision & Mission

OTTP's mission is to provide quality and personalized behavioral health and support services to transform individuals, strengthen families, and empower communities. OTTP's vision is a community where people feel safe, supported and strong.

Our Story

Occupational Therapy Training Program (OTTP) provides outpatient behavioral health services to children, families and adults throughout Los Angeles County. Since 1975, OTTP clients have thrived on the principles of occupational therapy which empowers individuals to achieve independence and meaning in their daily lives. By bringing together different scopes of practice--psychotherapy, occupational therapy, psychiatry and case management--OTTP has created a unique, and effective, interdisciplinary model that has helped transform the lives of thousands.

Behavior health services include psychological assessment; individual, family and group psychotherapy and rehabilitation; medication/psychiatric support services; availability  (in selected programs), and case management.

OTTP's services are delivered in homes, schools, the community, and at private offices located throughout Los Angeles County. We provide transportation for many of our programs.

OTTP's treatment staff includes:

- Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Registered Associates

- Licensed Occupational Therapists and Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants

- Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists and Registered Associates

- Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors and Registered Associates

- Board Certified Psychiatrists (MDs)

- Nurse Practitioners (NP)

- Mental Health Rehabilitation Specialists

- Case Managers

- Parent Partners

OTTP offers services to people between the ages of 2-64. We accept Medi-Cal.
Many of our services are offered in Spanish. 

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