Loving Intervention for Family Enrichment

What is LIFE?
The LIFE Program works with parents and children to improve the quality of the parent-child relationship and teach parents the skills necessary to manage their child's behavioral challenges.

How does LIFE work?
There are three parts to LIFE. First, is the parenting skills class/support group, which utilizes the Award Winning Parent Project curriculum. This class is offered in English and Spanish. Second, are the youth mental health groups utilized to: develop life skills, improve academic performance, build self-esteem, increase cooperation, manage anger, improve social skills and identify positive leisure activities. Finally, the third component is the multi-family groups during which parents and children are brought together to improve family communication, increase family problem solving and conflict resolution skills, and engage in fun family activities.

Who is LIFE for?
Parents Who:
-feel overwhelmed, stressed, or guilty and are confused about how to deal with their child's disruptive and challenging behaviors.
-desire to strengthen their relationship